Stepping into Wuxi Hui Mountain to touch the autumn and feel the farmer's life

November 12, 2017, with the themeof " Stepping into Wuxi Hui Mountain to touch the autumn", theactivity of digging the sweet potato between parents and children started inthe Shangtian agriculture farm of Hui Mountain district in Wuxi City.

ChinaJiangsu News, the fall is coming, it’s the harvest time of the sweet potatoanother year. The sweet potato of Shangtian organic farm of Hui Mountaindistrict in Wuxi City has entered a mature period.

November12, 2017, with the theme of " Stepping into Wuxi Hui Mountain to touch theautumn", the activity of digging the sweet potato between parents andchildren started in the Shangtian agriculture farm of Hui Mountain district inWuxi City.

Sweetpotato, also known as lpomoea batatas. Because of its rich in protein, starch,pectin, cellulose, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, with the functions ofanti-cancer, heart protection, prevention of emphysema, diabetes, lose weight,etc., enjoying the "longevity food" reputation, regardless of raweating, or cooking, are hard to find a kind of comparable food, has always beenthe treasure in the eye of Chinese medicine. In the modern life that people payattention to the health, the sweet potato is more healthy and better product,it keeps on the scene among the farmer's markets and the family tables.

Forthe sake to promote the agricultural sightseeing tour in this area, popularizethe knowledge of rural farming and guide more young people and children to goout of downtown and into the rural areas, go out of the textbooks and go to thecheerful nature. The Hui Mountain Tourism Bureau focuses on the autumn ruralareas and agriculture, sponsored the current sweet potato digging fun activity.

Theactivity treats the family as a unit, digs sweet potatoes and that can bebrought home, you can personally experience the roasted sweet potatoes. So asto facilitate the families involved in the activity, Shangtian AgriculturalCo., Ltd., who co-organized the event, prepared dry farming tools such as smallhoes and carefully prepared labor protection articles such as gloves.

Inthe sweet potato land, uncles and aunts in Shangtian Agricultural Base teachthe methods and know-how without reservation to find sweet potatoes and digsweet potatoes. For example, the know-how of finding a big potato is to see thesize of cracks on the surface of the soil, the larger crack, more potatoes underthe soil, and with the large size of potatoes. In order not to hurt thepotatoes, when digging the potatoes should start from the surround.

Livelearning farm skills, each of the adults and children that participate in theactivity is gearing up, and eager to try.

Thesweet potato digging started! In the base of sweet potato, with a hubbub ofvoices, bustling with noise and excitement. All families do not hesitate tojoin in, in the beauty and wild autumn, in the vigorous search for the sweetpotato, and sweet potato digging, to feel the joy of harvest personally and thefull return after the payment of labor.

Oneof the parents said: "I come from rural area and the sweet potato is veryfamiliar to me and a special symbol of my childhood joy. Today we took ourchildren to participate in the digging of sweet potatoes and roasted sweetpotatoes, it’s just like I was back to childhood, returned to the countrysideand returned to my parents, and for the children, for the first time in my lifetoday, I believe that he will have a profound memory of today.

Finallyroasted sweet potato moment arrived. Looked at the sweet potato among thecharcoals, braving the heat with a sizzling sound, and with the smell of aroma,everyone's saliva swallowed and swallowed again.