Duel of Master-hands in Tourism

In the afternoon of July 8th,122master-hands from 43 tourist hotels gather in Ancient Rome Hotel toparticipatethe “2015Wuxi Tourist Hotel Service Skill sCompetition”jointl launched by WuxiTourism Bureau, WuxiLabor Union, Wuxi Youth League Committee and Wuxi TourismIndustry Association.

This is the first time forthe tourist hotelindustry in Wuxi to start such a large-scale service skillscompetition. Inaccordance with the national professional standards of level 3,the content ofcompetition includes Chinese bed-making, Chinese banquettable-setting, Westernbanquet table-setting, cocktail mixture and tourismEnglish. Winners willparticipate the provincial skills competition on behalfof Wixi.

On the spot of Chinesebanquet table-settingcompetition, waiters and waitresses try their best withelegant posture. Theyhave to choose appropriate decorations and tablewareaccording to the themes.Plates and bowls shall be set precisely with fixeddistance between them. Eachcontestant is surrounded by several judges who givescores professionally. Thefirst prize winner in competition of Chinesebed-making or Chinese banquettable-setting will be awarded with “WuxiLabor Day Medal”. Other first prizewinnersin any individual competition will be awarded with the honorary title“WuxiLabor Day Innovator”. Winners under 35 yearsold will be entitled“WuxiFuture Master-hand”.

The service level of tourist hotelsinfluences theimpression of tourists and decides the ability of Wuxi holdinginternationalacitivities. In 2009, Lingshan launched the 2nd World BuddhistForumsuccessfully. Over 1700 eminent monks, scholars and statesmen from almost50countries and regions were present. On the 3rd World Buddhist Forumin 2012,Lingshan was honored as the permanent site of the Forum. In the March,it was decidedthat the 4th Forum will be hold in Lingshan in thisOctober, which will test theservice level and service security level of Wuxitourism industry.