Cocktail Mixing, Yes or No

Only 8 participate in cocktail mixing competition.

2015 Wuxi Tourist Hotel Service Skills Competition ends last week, and contestants are selected to participate in the provincial-class competitions of bed-making, Chinese and Western banquet table-setting and cocktail mixing. There are over 120 contestants in the Wuxi competitions, but only 8 do cocktail mixing, most of who are not professional. Cocktail mixing used to be a popular job while now few would like to be a mixer. Some say that it is not proper to be a standard competition event any more.

A hotel manager says, “To cater to foreigners, almost all the high-star hotels employed mixers. Take Wuxi Hotel as an example, it employedseveral mixers at the same time with impressive salaries.”Cocktail is an element of foreign culture, symbolizing slow life. Because of the difference between Chinese and Western culture, Chinese do not enjoy it, which is the reason why the profession falls.

Cocktail is available in almost every pub, while in many high-star hotels, there is no real bar. In Hotel Nikko, there is only a small bar in the lobby. Mixer actually is the waiter who can mix only several types of cocktail after short-time training.

many winners of the competitions actually change their jobs

Therefore, some people including experts suggest that cocktail mixing is not one of the items in the Skills Competition, while there is also an opposite opinion that it is one the basic skills of hotel workers. It is said that all these items are still in accordance with the requirements in 1980s, and many winners of the competitions actually change their jobs.

According to Mr. Huang Jianzhong, it is not necessary to make bed quickly. What the customers care about is the sanitation issue. And although the table-setting is nice, it is removed soon in the dinner because dishes are to be served.

Experts suggest that competition items should be arranged in accordance with the requirements of the market, and reflect the service quality and art.