Surrounding Scenic Spots Hot in Short Holiday

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of victory of Anti-Japanese War, there is a short holiday from September 3rd to 5th. It is less than 10 days before the holiday when scenic spots surrounding Wuxi are already filled with tourists from the city. Hotel rates double and it is not easy to book a room.

Miss Jiang who did not travel in summer vacation is planning a trip in the surrounding area in the short holiday. However, the problem is that the room prices of nice hotels or distinctive homestays double and nice rooms are booked.

Different from Miss Jiang, Miss Han booked a room 15 days before. “I booked a room in a distinctive hotel near the sea of bamboos in Yixing. Usually charging about 400 RMB, it costs over 500 RMB per night. But now there is no room and the price is much more expensive than that when I booked.” She says.