The 1st Huaiyang Cuisine Fair in Scholars

On September 15th, the 1st Huaiyang Cuisine Fair & Autumn Food Festival is launched in the Scholars Hotel in Binhu, Wuxi where two famous chefs good at Huaiyang cuisine present a fabulous feast. Visitors enjoy many preferential policies, and taste the cate created by Guo Baohua, Chef from A Bite of China and Tang Zhenyao from the embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga.

The president of Scholars Hotel Group says that it is the first activity to promote Huaiyang dishes since it starts its business in Wuxi. Huaiyang dishes have always been praised by Scholars and preferred by people in Suzhou, Wuxi and Nanjing since it lays emphasis on the quality, dish art, and waiters’ dressing, gestures and table-setting as well. The festival aims to popularize Huaiyang dishes and meet the requirements of the locals.

During the festival from today to October 15th, guests are allowed to taste the foods for free in Huaiyang Food Zone. University students and teachers will enjoy more preferential policies with valid certificates.