Business Condition of Tourist Hotels in the First Half of the Year

Yesterday Wuxi Tourist Hotels Association showed the result of survey on the business condition of tourist hotels in the first half of the year.

Statistics say that in the first 6 months, the revenue of the major star-level hotels in Wuxi goes up while the room prices and the average catering consumption go down. Analyzed by the responsible officer of the association, the reason goes to the change of tourists’ consumption habits ---- independent travel becomes popular. The tourist hotels shall be more diversified in accordance with the new requirements of tourists.

It is proved that after the stagnancy for limitation of three public consumptions ---- overseas travel, receptions and official cars, the consumption market has been recovering reasonably and the incomes of tourist hotels in Wuxi increase slightly.

It is related closely to the change in tour consumption market. Parents-children tours involve tourists in their 50s or 60s, and young people in their 20s or 30s tend to drive by themselves or travel with friends or lovers. They are inclined to enjoy life and choose high-star hotels, which is an opportunity for the tourist hotels.

However, the challenges are severe. Though high-star hotels are favored by tourists, their facilities and services do not completely meet the requirements of the new market.


It is said that there are too many Express Inns and high-star hotels which provide the same services, or do official reception. It is seldom to find hotels oriented to elders, children, motels or homestay. Independent travel appears which results in that their accommodation needs are diversified. Homestay, inns, holiday villas, log cabins, tents or limos is welcomed.