32 Restaurants Earned 94.81 Million in the 7 Days

At the background of the national economy slowing down, our consumer market goes slightly down in the 7 days compared with that in the last year. However, it is in order on the whole characterized by personalized, diversified and reasonable consumption. According to the statistics issued by the Bureau of Commerce, the sales of 70 distribution enterprises intensively monitored by the government total 775 million RMB increasing by 1.04 percent year on year, among which 38 retailers contribute 662 million RMB with 0.17 percent year-on-year growth, and 32 restaurants 94.81 million RMB with 7 percent growth.

During the holiday, all the scenic spots in Wuxi are filled with so many tourists that there is no spare room in most of nice hotels. The occupancy rate of 25 monitored hotels in the 7 days reaches to 70.4 percent, 1.5 percent higher than that in the last year. From Oct. 2nd to 4th, the occupancy rate of 25 hotels reaches to 91.6%, 95% and 91.1% respectively with 6000 rooms of each one used every night in average. Restaurants mostly cater for weddings, family or friends unions and family consumption. Famous restaurants are full every day. 32 monitored restaurants turns over 94.81 million RMB, increasing by 7 percent year on year which breaks the sales growth record in the Golden Week.