Masters Gathering in Xizhu to Build Its Future

The Summit Forum for Development of Homestay in Yangtze River Delta is held by Yixing Tourism Bureau and Xizhu Town Government to analyze the development of homestay in this region, evaluate the future market and discuss the layout, products and patterns of the local homestay market, where celebs of this industry from the delta and Taiwan are at present.

It is said that products needed in the future homestay market is discussed from the angle of consumers. The owners of homestays at the terminal of this industry are invited to explain the reasons why they choose this career and runners from Taiwan are pleased to introduce the situations in Taiwan. One of the co-founders of Mogan Mount·Delight of Wildness present the development of homestay industry in well-off villages in the Delta. In the speech, Xu Lixin, the standing vice-chairman of Wuxi Tourism Association, says that it is meaningful to analyze the development of homestay industry in Delta from diversified angles of academic research, market development and operation terminal practice.

Buddhist Town is the name given to Xizhu Town, Yixing City, due to the Dajue Temple and Yun Lake scenic spot in the town. Currently the high-end homestay in Xizhu Town is a necessary item of travel guides.On the forum, Tuniu signs the cooperation agreements with some relative units in Xizhu, and Shanghai Minority Travel Ltd. is appointed as the special consulting unit of the development of homestay industry in the Buddhist Town.