Guzhu Homestay Awarded 4-star Country Tour Zone

Guzhu Homestay is listed as one of Provincial 4-Star Country Tour Zones issued by Jiangsu Tourist Bureau. For years, Guzhu community, aiming to build a first-class country tour destination, has been making great effort to develop country tour on the basis of the natural advantages and countryside culture.

Village homestay and the local customs are the breakthroughs for Guzhu to attract visitors to enjoy the local scenery and culture. 1 million yuan is invested to transform an idle house to the first homestay in Guzhu ---- “Leisure House”, and “Wish Inn”, the first Buddhist culture themed homestay in Wuxi offers services for catering, accommodation, conference and meditation, which are followed by 9 homestay hotels with 95 rooms or 194 beds.

According to the responsible official, based on the agricultural culture, Guzhu will continue to use the Buhhist culture in Lingshan to improve its influence and country products. The company management pattern will be employed to carry out unified management, identification and marketing. Better tour quality will create a first-class country tour resort in the Tai Lake Rim.