Civilized Tour Services of Star Hotels Bettered

In this April, a three-star hotel had point penalty in the city civilization evaluation, mainly for uncivilized table manners and insufficient tour atmosphere, which alerts the director of Wu Xi Tourism Administration. To further improve services, the Tourism Administration formed supervisory group recently to conduct the spot check on all of services of 15 star hotels in downtown by the star-hotel standards in civilized city.

It is never too late to be civilized in the tour. After the check, Wuxi Tourism Administration strikes iron when it’s hot. On June 22nd, a feedback conference attended by the people in charge of these star hotels was convened to recognize some of them who perform well extraordinarily in some of the work, praise those which offer excellent civilized tour services, and point out the common problems and deficiencies of some of the hotels. A promotion meeting was also hosted to bring the construction of civilized tourism to a new level.