8 Hotels in Wuxi Awarded “Jiangsu Exquisite Leisure Resorts”

According to Wuxi Tourist Administration recently, 8 tourist hotels were awarded “Jiangsu Exquisite Leisure Resorts”, including Huajian Hall • Jiapu, Hubin Hotel, Lingshan Juna Paramita Hotel, Hotel Nikko, Shangshuyuan Inn, Yixing Bamboo International Convention Centre, Yixing Fence Garden Farm, Sheraton Jiangyin Hotel.

Since tourist industry has been turning from sightseeing tour to leisure tour, leisure hotels have become an essential factoror carrier in the development of Wuxi tourism.  Jiangsu Tourist Administration has launched a series of activities in this March which was 2016 Jiangsu Leisure Tout Promotion Month, by which the brand “Tour in Jiangsu” has won an international fame and groups of people home and abroad have been attracted into Wuxi.