Homestay Hotels in Zhangqing

On the site of former Zhangqing community tea factory, the project of Back Mountain Bay Homestay Hotels officially starts, adding new choices for tourists in Mashan.

According to Zhang Linliang, the deputy secretary of the community, the project is planned to cover an area of 41.8 mu with its floorage amounting to over 1000 sq. m. and investment of 1 billion yuan. With the purposes of providing exquisite setting, cozy home-like rooms and guests-oriented services, it is planning to build 10 rooms, a dinning room, a tea room, a cafe, a cultural zone, a rest area, cinnamon woods, a gallery in tea garden, and a scenic spot, hillside view of overlooking the lake, as well, which are anticipated to put into practice. Both of the investor and the community are hoping to turn the bay into a well-known homestay resort in 2 or 3 years, which will be a new momentum of the rural economy.

According to the official from Fangshan Yiju Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., the investor, the reason why Zhangqing is chosen lies in its geographic and natural advantages and policy support. Firstly, it is the right time for Mashan to push its homestay industry move further and explore the local tourist market. Secondly, located at the center of Mashan tour island, Zhangqing is endowed with excellent natural environment. Thirdly, investors are given policy support by the local government. A brand new exquisite homestay hotel will show the local culture, natural view, ecological resources and agricultural production.