The Transformation of Creative Idea in the Decoration Design of Wuxi Holiday Inn

As the creativity and final design scheme of the holiday inn decoration design, only the product transformed into reality has the social value. The editor’s sharing of Wuxi Holiday Inn decoration design, the artistic product and the product of the design have essential differences, the design creativity is embodied in the realistic and practically using product with both the physical function and the mental function. Using the design to solve practical problems is the essence of the design, the concept staying in the paper or in the mind is meaningless. Therefore, to transform the idea of creativity, including the concept of transformation and the process of transforming the design concept to materialization, is the essence of the design creativity.

The holiday inns design is an inevitable process from the objective to subjective and from the subjective to objective. We learn the design of the space from 2 stages, the first stage is we obtain the first feeling of objective space according to the limited space given by the building, so the improvement of the space function becomes the original motive; the second stage is how to apply the design means to transform the defects of the original building space in a reasonable way. To make the function and layout of the space tend to be reasonable and process the aesthetic feeling of the spatial representation is to better meet the needs of the user, which requires us to arrange and transform the various comprehensive elements of the space. This stage belongs to the concept, judgment and reasoning stage. The design concept can be correctly established only by actual analysis and research of the integrated factors. Only through such a cognitive process, the creativity of the designer can be brought out fully so that the transformation of the design concept can be completed. In the process of transforming the concept of design into reality, it is also important to embody the creating concept of the design connotation and the background culture.

Culture is the sum of physical and spiritual wealth in the process of human society's historical development, The culture with profound connotation in different regions reflects the completely different characteristics, the traditional thought reflected by cultural accumulation and the style of the materialized style become the inexhaustible source of the author. Art and science are the most basic cultural guarantee of the human development. The sensibility of art and the rationality of science will bring endless creativity to the holiday inn design. Decoration Design of Wuxi Holiday Inn