Wuxi Delicacy Appraisal Seeks for “Delicious Foods” in Wuxi

The concluding ceremony and awarding ceremony of 2013 “Good Taste in Wuxi” Delicacy Appraisal were held on Nov. 10. Jiang Yunjie, director general of Wuxi Tourism Bureau, Hu Ning, General Manager of Wuxi Broadcasting & TV Development Co., Ltd, and Wang Jieping, Chairman of the Wuxi Tourism Industry Association were present at the event.

At the awarding ceremony, all award-wining works and the making unit of “Good Taste in Wuxi” were announced, and the Top 10 Most Favorite Home Cuisines, Top 10 Most Favorite Snacks, Top 10 Most Favorite Village Cuisine and Top 10 Most Favorite Village Snacks of People in Wuxi were appraised.

Since initiation of the activity on Oct. 16, 2013, citizens were mobilized to seek for “Good Taste in Wuxi” and explore heart-touching stories behind these foods through online and offline interaction activity as well as TV, online and broadcasting promotions. On this basis, 1st Characteristic Delicacy Appreciation Fair of Wuxi was held on Nov. 3. At the event, the appraisal team comprising of representatives of netizens and citizens to appreciate over 100 delicious foods of Wuxi cooked by enterprises on-site, enabling the public to select the most favorite home cuisines, snacks and village cuisines and snacks by themselves.

The event promotes the return of Wuxi’s traditional cuisines to catering circle and heritage of local delicacy culture of Wuxi, enables more and more domestic and overseas tourists to visit Wuxi, experience the “Good Taste of Wuxi” by themselves and enjoy the charms of delicious foods of Wuxi.