Crayfish and Beer Festival in Guzhu, Mashan

The 1stCrayfish and Beer Festival in Guzhu villiage, National Taihu resorts, is launched in June, 11st, 2015. Recently tourists from the surrounding areas drive to Guzhu village to enjoy the feast. It is said that the festival will last till August 31st.

It is a real ecological festival. The crayfish are purchased by the specially-assigned people and cooked with the local dishes like Fried Rice cake with crayfish on the day of purchase, which cannot be found elsewhere. Beer is provided locally, and you have to place the order the day before so that it is kept fresh. Besides, there are folk performances, out-door movies, open-air KTV and fishing. It would be a nice choice to live in the local houses and experience the country life.

It is said that it costs only average 40 yuan per person to enjoy the food. With the self-driving and homestay (about 150 yuan/night) expenses taken into consideration, 200 yuan per person will be enough to experience a real ecological life.

According to Cui Guobin, the branch secretary-general of Guzhu comminuty, Manshan Street, the festival is aimed to provide opportunities to tourists to experience the rural life in Mashan with a relatively low cost.