10 Old Brands in Wuxi on List of Jiangsu Time-honored Brands

Do you still remember Sanyang Groceries, Li Tongfeng Drugstore or Gongbeilou Noodle Restaurant? Now these old stores have a new name ---- Jiangsu Time-honored Brands. The list of first 84 Jiangsu Time-honored Brands is issued by Jiangsu Commerce Department, among which 24 brands are from Suzhou, and 10 from Wuxi. This list arouses a heated discussion among locals. Some find that there are brands they have never known, some say that it brings about their childhood memories, and others expect those old brands would come to a new phase.

Surprise: there are so many brands unknown

You find Sanyang and Gongbeilou from Wuxi, Fangyuan Teapots from Yixin, and Suzhisu from Jiangyin on the list. To be mentioned, all the brands should be founded at least 50 years ago and be of great historic and cultural value. Many people say on line that there are some brands they have never heard about.

Memory: half of the brands are food.

Half of the brands on the list are food. Everlasting memories are always related to food. Those time-honored brands bring about the sweet old times to the locals.

    Expectation: old brands need new faces.

There are only about 30 old brands existing in Wuxi, some of which show more vitality under modern management, while others are squeezed out of the market. In Chongan district, as many as over 20 old brands vanish. Over 100 years old Shen Guangmao Laundry now is a small shop hidden in a side street. Gongbeilou built in 1863 is moved to Chongan Temple. People suggests that those old brands cannot depend on the old experience any more, and innovation is needed.