Upgrade the Food Street

Since 1990s, a food street on Qingshi Road has been famous for various food such chafing dish and barbecue. It connects Lianrong Bridge and Wu Bridge in Beitang District. Since the food there is cheap and fine, it has been the first choice for the locals.

However, the barbecues and food stalls also brought about issues like noise pollution, oil-smoke pollution and traffic congestion. Large-scale improvement was needed. Therefore, the government of Beitang District replanned the layout of the street.

Reconstruction project was carried on in the first half of 2010. Due to various problems rising in the removal progress, you cannot find some of the food there anymore.

Net users: The food street is almost deserted.

At noon, it is time to have lunch, however, there are few customers here, even in restaurants selling rice noodles or duck blood and vermicelli soup, which used to be the most popular dishes.

In addition to the reconstruction project, the reasons why the past glory of the street has gone include improved transportation in the city, e-commerce or shopping online, and more commercial complexes, which have challenged the traditional business patterns.

Solutions: reorientation and focus on service

According to the commercial circles, the traditional commercial streets are shops in the street, single units or shopping malls whose simple functions do not meet the requirements of customers nowadays. It seems that the complexes offer much more considerate experience.

Is it time for them to retreat? Of course no. In the developed countries with more mature commerce, the complexes still do not replace the traditional commercial streets. Oriented to diversified and multi-level needs, they serve with different functions.

For example, the traditional commercial street should grasp customers with its unique price and orientation.

Answer: upgrade the brand Eat in Beitang

To rebuild the brand Eat in Beitang and reproduce the prosperity of the food street, the government of Beitang District has made great effort to improve its attraction by rearranging the layout, introducing special businesses and providing diversified services.

Wang Qifeng, the deputy director of Beitang Commerce Bureau, is convinced that various means of improving the quality of the food street should be employed to cope with the fierce competition. The single street will extend to several ones. Traditional restaurants will be upgraded and carry on e-business so that local will enjoy on-line and off-line services. Besides, elements of canal, religions, tourism or folk customs will be introduced into the streets. You will find pubs, restaurants and children casinos there. Your requirements for tour and culture can be met in your leisure time.