The 1st Jiangyin “Intangible Cultural Heritage” Food Exchange

On July 29th, the 1st Jiangyin “Intangible Cultural Heritage” Food Exchange is hold in the International Hotel, which attracts over 1000 people coming over. Among 80 dishes from 28 cuisine associations and well-known hotels in provinces including Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong, 18 dishes come from Jiangyin.

Sponsored by Jiangyin Cuisine Association and International Hotel, and supported by China Cuisine Association, Jiangsu Cuisine Association and Jiangyin Tourism Bureau, it presents the traditional Jiangyin food such as Eight Bowls and Waternut Pastry, and famed food from other cities such as Suzhou Huangtianyuan Rice Cakes, Nanjing Boiled Salted Duck, Yangzhou Fried Rice or Wensi Toufu, among which some are introduced in A Bite of China, a CCTV documentary.