“Wuxi Sweet Taste” in CCTV Taste

The subtle mix of salt and sweet tastes makes the Wuxi cuisine another eye-catching point of Wuxi, a city by the canal. It was reported yesterday that Taste ---- Looking for the Taste of Canal, a documentary had been put out on CCTV Channel 10 in the evening prime time in the Golden Week, in which Wuxi has been introduced as the cradle of Taihu boat dishes and Wuxi cuisine had played an important role in one episode.

It is said that as a part of a series of food and culture program elaborated by CCTV Science and Education Channel, Taste consists of 7 episodes. In Wuxi episode, the secrets of the sweet taste of Wuxi dishes are revealed. Besides, Wuxi boat dishes appear in the Boat Dishes episode.

According to the insiders, Wuxi cuisine is comprehensively showed in the documentary, which helps developing the local food culture.