The First Yixing Food and Tableware Competition Succeed

From Oct. 18 to 20, over 300 candidates from more than 30 countries attend the 2015 China·Yixing International Pottery Culture Festival·“Ziyu Jinsha Cup” Yixing Food and Tableware Competition & Asian International Chef Challenge, which is the first meeting in Yixing of the pottery masters and cate masters and combination of culture and food.

32 teams and 80 individuals home and abroad take part in the competition which lasts for one and a half days. Gold awards will be given to the top winners who demonstrate the best food and tableware. The local food materials, classic Yixing dishes and tableware are displayed which thoroughly shows the marvelous culinary art and different food cultures. On behalf of China, the top 6 candidates will enter the Beijing Final under World Cuisine Association.

Besides, there are splendid themed activities. In the afternoon of Oct. 19, around 200 domestic and foreign masters of brands, experts and managers attend Asian International Catering Forum, discussing the future of catering industry and development of Yixing food and tableware. On Oct. 19 and 20, the top cuisine masters are present at the opening ceremony, summit forum and award dinner, showing their outstanding skills. In the Zisha hall of Zisha Hotel, an area of near 2000 sqare meters is full of stands of Yixing food and tableware, sponsors, local scenic spots and catering products, which present team works, individual works, Chinese and foreign tableware, special food raw materials, tea, wine or coffee, etc., by which the latest fashion and cuisine cultures are revealed to the public.