2016 Binhu Catering Skills Contest Launched

Recently, sponsored by Binhu Commercial Bureau and Tourist Bureau and organized by Binhu Restaurant and Catering Association the 6th time successively, 2016 Binhu Catering Skills Contest was launched in Scenic Lakeside Hotel where 51 experienced chefs competed with each other on skills and originality by presenting 26 cold dishes and 25 cut pieces which were credited as works of art.

Themed with “Presenting Local Food, Showing Craftsman’s Spirit”, it consisted of cold dishes contest and cutting craft one and selected works of the first and second prized and the winning prize for cutting craft contest. The success of the brand of “A Bite of China” results from the endeavor of those craftsmen.

It is reported that the restaurant and catering industry in Binhu has been developing fast and serving as an important part of Binhu tourist and service circle. Catering zones like Food Court on Hubin Road, Wanda Food City, Coast Food City and lakeside restaurants have been formed. The contest is one of the series of activities of Binhu Taihu Scenic & Cultural Tour Festival and the first one welcoming the Golden Week of National Day.