Top 160 in Jiangsu Rural Food Competition

Recently, “Satisfy Your Appetite ---- 2016 Jiangsu Rural Food Competition” is held in Yixing Genda Eco-garden, aiming to pick out the representatives which present the rural river or lake foods.

It is known that 160 dishes and over 300 chefs and their assistants are chosen by 160 contestants after rounds of selection. During the time of preparation, about 600 employees of rural scenic spots are resembled to observe and learn from it. Professors or experts from well-known restaurants or institutes are invited as judges and media and experienced tourists invited as public judges who score the dishes in terms of color, scent, taste, shape, meaning, health, sound and temperature with the theme, collocation of seasonal materials, culture heritage and innovation taken into consideration.

38 dishes including A Pot of Canal food, Laojun’s Alchemy, eel braised in brown sauce are awarded the Golden Medal, and 76 dishes including Maling Sanbao, Huaxiang dried fish pancake and Zhongyang blowfish win the Silverr Medal. The honor of Best Organizers and Excellent Organizers are given to the contestants in terms of the quantity of dishes and performance in the competition.