Rural Gourmet food Waiting for You

Catering industry has been the hotspot in citizen consumption in recent years. In the first 11 months, the income of accommodation and catering industry in Wuxi enjoy a year-on-year growth of 13.4%, 4% more than social consumption income. Looking for Wuxi rural food, the authentic local taste, attracts great attention. Different from previous cuisine competitions in downtown grand hotels, this event, themed with construction of beautiful countryside, is to look for dishes with distinctive Wuxi flavor in streets or towns in Wuxi. 30 dishes including fried white shrimps and puffer dish stand out through rounds of evaluation, self-recommendation, on-spot judgment by experts, gourmets and citizen representatives and social publication. Besides, rural hotels or restaurants also arouse much interests, such as Nanyuan Hotel, Cake shop at Huayan bridge in Dangkou, Puffer Restaurant.

Adding the rural food into Wuxi cuisine will drive the rural resort develop further. All the award-winning dishes satisfy the gourmets with the fresh local seasonal materials. According to the officer from Wuxi bureau of commerce, not only the natural environment, but also the rural food is the key part in rural tour, and the fair prices make it more attractive.