Story of Wuxi Pork Ribs

Wuxi pork ribs dish has won its name for the bright red appearance and sweet taste, but some may not know that its origin has something to do with Jigong, the famous monk.

According to the legend, there was a shop opened in Wuxi, selling boiled pork. On the opening day, a haired mendicant monk showed up. Since there was no income yet, the shop-owner gave him a piece of pork. The monk gulped it and asked for more. The shop-owner said that I would have nothing to sell if you ate out of all my pork. Swinging his cattail leaf fan, the monk smiled and said that then you could sold ribs. He gave two twigs of his fan to the shop-owner and told him to boil them with the pork in the pot.

The shop owner did so accordingly, and magic appeared that the ribs were melted and the smell pervading the whole city so appetizing.