Wuxi Local Flavors

Being Suxi dishes under 4 cuisines in China, Wuxi flavors are more light and sweet, unlike the spiced and salty taste in the north. Wuxi ribs in A Bite of China is the typical example. With abundant aquatic products, Wuxi offers whitebait, white shrimp and white fish, and delicious crabs in the fall.

There are ten dishes and ten snacks famed in the city. You can find all he local flavors in Chongan Temple pedestrian zone and Nanchan Temple one, and the food streets on Zhongshan Road and Qingshi Road are nice choices as well.

Ten dishes: meat stuffed gluten, fried white fish, crystal shrimp, crispy whitebait, Liangxi crisp eel,  braised pork and fat duck, Wuxi ribs, fish skin Wonton, meat stuffed raw bran, and camera tofu.

Ten snacks: old style stewed noodles, Wonton with three fresh ingredients, Taihu Boat snacks, dumpling of 4 colors, almond buns, Yulan cakes, osmanthus taro, beancurd jelly, small steamed buns, and omelettes.

In addition, there are plum cakes, dumpling of 5 colors, silver noodles, plum cakes, sugar taro, oil dried bean curd, and water oil gluten.