Opening of the 1st Wuxi Waxberry Festival

On June 11th, the 1st Wuxi Waxberry Festival & 12th Mashan Public-interest Waxberry Picking Festival started in Guzhu Village, Mashan, Binhu District, which means it’s time to taste the waxberries in Mashan. It is known that the waxberry production is quite promising. On the day of opening ceremony, the waxberries are as red as the rosy clouds of dawn on the mountain. Unfortunately their life span is so short that their best day comes to the end on June 20th, so the 10 days are like lucky days for foodies. It is reported that the waxberries will be sold in tow ways ---- on line and off line.

11 years pass before the 12th Mashan Waxberry Festival is officially upgraded into the 1st Wuxi Waxberry Festival due to the high quality of the fruits and increasing influence of the festival. Under the guidance of Wuxi Bureau of Commerce, this year’s festival is sponsored by Mashan Waxberry Industry Association and organized by Wuxi Taihu National Tourist Resort, Binhu Bureau of Commerce and Binhu Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry.

Those waxberries has attracted wide-spread attention before they grow ripe, and even some produced outside embezzle its fame. Waxberry production in Mashan has over 2000 years’ history since this place boasts of favorable soil, air and water endowed by the nature which ensures its high quality. Though not very big, the fruits produce the ruby juice with the sour taste and the sweet one mixed appropriately.

Mashan is honored as national “One Product in One Village” model town since the waxberry in Mashan covers an area of 10000 mu througout 11 communities with almost 3000 families involved after years’ development. Though the production this year is slightly less than that in the last year, the fruits are still of high quality which makes the expected sales total 8 billion yuan. The waxberry buffet will last from June 11th to 20th.