Yangshan Peaches, the First National Agricultural Cultural Heritage in Wuxi

It was known yesterday that applied by Yangshan Town, Huishan District, Yangshan peach cultivation system is listed by the Ministry of Agriculture as one of the 4th important Chinese agricultural cultural heritages, which makes it the first national agricultural cultural heritage in Wuxi with its long history, fascinating stories, charming scenery and sweet taste.

The important Chinese agricultural cultural heritages refer to unique agricultural production system, laborers’ gem of wisdom in long-time laboring and living. Since 2012, the Ministry of Agriculture has carried out the work of exploring the important Chinese agricultural cultural heritage, and among 29 items in the 4th list, Yangshan peach cultivation system fills in gaps in our heritage protection field.

According to Lu Xing, an officer working in Yangshan Town, the heritage affirmation procedure was extremely complicated and strict. In compliance with the Notification on Exploration of the 4th Important Chinese Agricultural Cultural Heritages, Huishan District launched the application process early this year. Having gone through the steps including application, checking and evaluation, Yangshan peach cultivation system stands out with its long history, excellent eco-system services, qualified knowledge and technology system, aesthetic scenery, and sustainable, endangered and typical agricultural production system. It is one of the two on the list in Jiangsu province.

Zhao Yiren, a senior agronomist in Huishan, said that the success was closely related to the special natural and historic conditions. Peach planting traces back to as early as Song Dynasty when the inhabitants had the tradition to grow the peach trees beside their houses. It was recorded that the locals planted peach trees along the fields in the mountains during the reign of Emperor Wanli. The orchard grew much larger in the early Republic of China and a brand “Gengniu” was established later. At that time, the peaches enjoyed a fame in Shanghai and Nanjing, and were transported to cities such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Changzhou and Nanjing. In the orchards of over 4000 mu, the species of Wuxi peaches were formed including Baifeng, the early-maturing species and Baihua, the late-maturing one. For all those years’ development, now Yangshan boasts of more than 20 species consisting of 2 types, full solute and half solute.