​ Inebriate Dishes in Sanfeng Bridge • Ketang Hall

At he 7th floor, B Building of Dadongfang Department Store (nearby Big World Cinema), Sanfeng Bridge • Ketang Hall launches a series of inebriate dishes including Huadiao Dalian abalone, inebriate three white lakefoods, inebriate three delicacies, inebriate crab claws, inebriate chicken and inebriate duck tongues, which are bland and appetizing. 32 percent off discount is offered for those dishes and 15 discount coupon is also available from today to August 31st.

Inebriate dishes refer to some with liquor- preserved, immersed or soaked materials, which are boiled or quick-boiled and then salted with salt and cooking wine, such as inebriate chicken, some with materials boiled with liquor and seasoners, such as inebriate trotters, some with materials fried with liquor, such as inebriate shrimps, and others with materials soaked in rice wine for a long time, such as inebriate crabs or escargots. They are extremely tasty with concentrated aroma.

Inebriate dishes presented by Sanfeng Bridge • Ketang Hall unually use fine aged Shaoxing wine and seasoners in which materials are normally immersed for at least 2 hours, so that the aroma of the wine and fragrance of the seasoners envelop those materials. Those dishes preserve the materials’ original nutrition facts and taste as much as possible which is the reason why they are so tasty. The freshness of materials is quite vital as well. The famous dish, inebriate three white lakefoods, is made of whitebait, white fish and white shrimp, which is fresh with special aroma. Another one is Huadiao Dalian abalone. Cleaned abalone is stewed on soft fire and then soaked in seasoners and aged Huadiao, a kind of Shaoxing wine, which keep the material’ original taste and flavour.

The inebriate dishes are offered in the whole year, but specially tasty and favored in summer for they are refreshing and stimulate people’s appetite. So why not come over and have a try?