Jiangnan Cuisine Gathers on Meili·Hundred Falvor Attracts the Tongue

In the golden autumn, Wudi Jiangnan, the rice ear fragrance. In this harvest season, Mei Village, a three-thousand-year-old southern town, enjoys a series of happy things. Following the launch of the cultural town of Meli culture, on the morning of Nov. 12,2017, the 2017"Real Wuxi flavor" co-sponsored by Wuxi Commercial Bureau, Wuxi Agricultural Committee and Wuxi Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade--Wudi Jiangnan Food Exhibition was held in Zhonghua Decheng Square, Meicun Street, Xinwu District, marking thesuccessful conclusion of the five-month exhibition.

Leaders from Wuxi Commercial Bureau, Wuxi Agricultural Committee, Wuxi Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Xinwu District Commerce and Tourism Bureau attended the event, representatives from numerous catering enterprises in Wuxi area, residents in the periphery of Mei Village Street, tourists and a large number of photographers from Wuxi Photographers Association went to the scene for enthusiasm sightseeing.

This year's "Real Wuxi flavor"--Wudi Jiangnan food selection has attracted hundreds of relevant restaurants in Wuxi, and through layer-by-layer deletion, there are 52 catering enterprises, with a total of 120 delicious foods entering the final selection process of today. The participating units not only aveh the  well-known hotels such as "Wuxi Grand Hotel", "Wuxi International Hotel", "Kempensky Hotel" and other well-known hotels, as well as "Lu Gao Jian", "Wang Xing Ji", "San Feng Qiao", "Qin Garden", "Cai A Shui Mutton" and other old characters shops, and "Xiao Lai Xi", "Sheng Ji San Rang Gnocchi", "Miao Pin Xiang", "Xi Long Ji" and other special new generation local snack shops. 52 participating restaurants brought a total of more than 120 classic food of Wudi Jiangnan. In addition to the traditional Wuxi delicious food such as sauce ribs, small steamed bun, size wonton, yulan cake, sweet osmanthus sweet taro and others, there are innovative dishes such as lobster, fragrant crab, Dabieshan chicken, bacon, etc., as well as bean curd,glutinous rice ball, chicken pie etc. that Xicheng people loved. The participating units with their unique performances presented a feast for the guests in the birthplace of Jiangnan--the ancient capital Meili, Zhonghua Decheng Square.

The "Real Wuxi flavor" Wudi Jiangnan Food Selection Expert Evaluation Group is composed of Chinese cooking master, Chairman of Jiangsu District of the World Famous Kitchen Committee,vice president of the Asian Chef CommitteeZhang Xianmin; senior Chinese cooking master, judge of the National Cooking CompetitionShi Daochun; senior Chinese cooking master, master of China Huaiyang cuisine, and inheritance person of non-material cultural heritage Yang Jianxin; Vice President of Wuxi Tourism Hotel Industry AssociationDing Weiming; and cooking master of Jiangsu and inheritance person of non-material cultural heritage, chef of Jinling Hotel Chen Lixin. Each one is the top master of Chinese catering industry.

Starting at eight o'clock in the morning, the five professional judges began a tense on-site evaluation and conducted on-site inspection of the dishes from various dimensions of color, fragrance, taste, shape and quality, and scored one by one. After judgesprofessional evaluations and careful appraisals, and fully combining with the public opinions, it finally produced several awards such as "Quality Award", "Chain Brand Award", "Process Innovation Award", "Potential Award", "Craftsman Award" and so on. The 2017"Real Wuxi flavor" ---Wudi Jiangnan Food Competition and Award campaign are successfully ended.

Wuxi, since ancient times, is a famous "fish-rice" place, rich in species and excellent in texture. Wuxi flavor snacks are more colorful, beautiful, they are widely drawn, tand exquisite, should be given the time, and are different in each season.

Through the collection and search, this activitydisplaysthe production process of Wudi's special food, highlights and inherits the long history culture of Wu and the simple folk customs; and named a batch of "real Wuxi flavor" food with significant Wuxi characteristics through popular participatory assessment and professional tasting of experts. And played a positive role in highlighting Wu's famous historical and cultural brand effect, inheriting and innovating Wudi Jiangnan food culture, promoting the transformation and development of Wuxi tourism and catering industry.