Wuxi Sanfeng Qiao won the

The chrysanthemum is blossoming, crab is fat and the autumn is smiling. Recently, guided by Wuxi Commercial Bureau and Liangxi District Commercial Bureau, sponsored by Wuxi cooking and beverage industry association, the 2017 Crab Wang Zhongwang hosted by the wechat public platform“I am a foodie”, held on-site PK in the Grand Hotel of Jinling, combined with expert opinions and network voting, and finally picked up the Crab King. The remaining 24 businesseswon the top ten classic brands and the top ten new brands, the best taste prize and the most popular prize.

As one of the series activities of the 2017 Wuxi Jinqiu Shopping Festival and the Quality Liangxi Music Festival, the competition has attracted extensive attention in the evening paper reading group and Wuxi catering industry in Jiangnan since the beginning of October, and more than 100 merchants are actively participating in the competition. At the stage of the network, the number of visits of the platform exceeded 1.4 million, and the number of votes was as much as 0.86 million. According to the results of the ten-day election, the top 25 companies entered yesterday's expert review process. The judge group composed by Chinese cook skill-identification senior appraiser, Chinese cooking master, Chairman of Jiangsu District of the World Famous Kitchen Committee,vice president of the Asian Chef Committee, Zhang Xianmin; senior registered Chinese cooking master, master of China Huaiyang cuisine, senior cooking technician, and inheritance person of Xibang non-material cultural heritage,Yang Jianxing; senior Chinese cooking master, the national cuisine competition judges, Wuxi Baile Davis hotel consultant, Wuxi catering and cooking industry association director Shi Daochun; Wuxi Nanyang Vocational and Technical College professor Xu Yihu, food brigade culture scholar all the Ming and the food editor tasted on site ,the trial team gave a comprehensive assessment of raw materials, quality, taste, creativity, swing, nutrition, etc., which will ultimately determine the major awards.

After winning the title of "Crab King", Wei Chunhui, the general manager of Sanfeng Qiao said that the Sanfeng Qiao sticks to the classic inhertance and it is timeless. On the purchase of raw materials of the dishes, adhere to the quality first; make sure the raw materials are fresh in the production, and insist on the day crab meal is removed and peeled off and sold on the same day. The chef maintains the ingenuity and continuously improves the cooking skills to ensure the pure taste of the crab, and the sales volume of the crab is calculated in tons per year.

Winners of "The Top Ten Classic Brands" of the 2017 Wuxi Crab Wang Zhongwang, are Su Ning's Kaiyue "crab feast", Junlai Zhouji "Crab Paste Yellow Croaker", Rongshe "Sea-Sect Dunk Crab", Zuiyuelou “Shrimp ball”, Tao Xingbao "crab yellow small steamed bun", Pu Garden Restaurant "crab feast", Lingde ling "Crab meal small steamed bun", Xiao Shanghai "crab powder fish rice", happy crab "drunk crab", old cattle restaurant "Li crab drunk crab".

Xie Changle Crabspecialty shop,"One Crab, Seven Eat", Lan Xiang Thailand Restaurant "Curry Crab", Rice Water Private Garden "Gold Shrimp and Crab", Prost Beer Music Restaurant "fish sauce crab egg", Mr. Yang's 20 years’ lobster "Dunk crab", See you Afternoon "Chen Pi Hua carving crab", old Shanghai yellow fish noodle restaurant "drunk crab", Tang Ji red lantern barbecue "drunk crab", the first see wine restaurant "cochrous crab", Shimianchunfeng "golden crab flour noodles"contest "Top Ten New Sharp Brands" of 2017 Wuxi Crab feast Wang Zhongwang. In addition, Encounter "ripe drunk crab", Cai Guangtou lobster private house dish "secret Guihua Crab" wins the "most popular award"; Wuxi grand hotel "surface crab", Junlai Lake Hotel "chrysanthemum crab bucket" picked up the "best taste prize".

This competition can be described as the battle of "restaurant-old" and "a new show". Outstanding 25 entries stand out from the past, either taste unique, or integrate the innovation, The award-winning list is not exclusive to the "Wuxi delicious crab map" that can solve the "Acacia". Chen Weimin, president of Wuxi cooking and beverage industry association, said: "The competition is born in Wuxi from the rich crab culture, and the new and old catering merchants in Xiecheng's food industry with" crab meeting friends ", which not only provides exhibition opportunities, but also plays a positive role in promoting local food and beverage culture.