Purple Clay Museum: Transformation from a Shopping Site into a Scenic Spot

Among six tourism elements, namely eat, live, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment, shopping is an indispensible part. After the implementation of new Tourism Laws in this year, most travel services in Wuxi dare not to touch the red line and removed the shopping from the travel route. Therefore, the shopping sites in Wuxi face cold reception. On the other hand, tourists have strong demands for shopping. Currently, related tourism institutions and shopping sites are making active efforts to standardize the shopping behavior in travel.

Shuaiyuan Purple Clay Museum is located at the side of Taihu Lake. In the past, travel groups visiting Wuxi will visit and go shopping at the museum. The single-day reception volume of tourists of the museum exceeded 10,000 times. Since implementation of the Tourism Law, number of tourists visiting the museum was only 20% of that in same period of previous years. Such cold situation was unprecedented.

“After implementation of the Tourism Law, tourism units will undergo some pains,” said the responsible person. They also made internal adjustment and applied to be A-class scenic spot. The museum showcases the history and culture of purple clay teapot, introduces many renowned masters of purple clay teapots, and sets up special area for on-site production and demonstration. Tourists can attend the interactive experience. Besides demonstration of photos and introductions, there are many regions to introduce the purple clay teapots made by renowned persons and experts. “Tourists can know the historical culture of purple clay teapot here, and learn the manufacturing process of purple clay teapot. Tourists with buying demands can determine whether to buy the products or not.”

Currently, the museum is constructing some gardening scenic spots and increasing its auxiliary facilities to meet requirements of the scenic spots. Besides, it will open a supermarket of special local products with the total area of 3,000 square meters. After transformation, the museum can be listed in the travel route as a scenic spot. Besides, the museum is cooperation with some self-drive trip associations and tourism websites to attract more self-service travelers.

Opinions of Experts

Tourism shopping not to be abolished, but to be standardized

Wang Jieping, president of Wuxi Tourism Assocation, believed that implementation of the Tourism Law doesn’t aim to eliminate the tourism shopping, but to standardize the tourism shopping. Now, many shopping sites are conducting transformation. Besides transformation into scenic spots, they can cooperate with scenic spots to become a part of the scenic spot. The special and renowned products of Wuxi can not be merely sold at shopping venues, but also opening or paid scenic spots. Tourists can buy the products voluntarily when playing at the scenic spots.

He doesn’t want travel services to eliminate the shopping process when arranging the travel route. Travel services can add a supplementary agreement for tourists with shopping demands in accordance with related laws and regulations.