Wuxi Launches Tourism Product Packaging Design Competition

Recently, the Tourism Product Design Competition sponsored by the Wuxi Tourism Bureau and joint-organized by the Jiangnan University, Wuxi Design Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Product Branch of Wuxi Tourism Association was held. Over 70 candidate works were appraised. It is interesting that some customers had placed orders for these products although only photos of these products are showcased.

Low-cost is the standards for candidate works

Upon the announcement of candidate works on Nov. 2, the organized had received phone calls from customers for ordering of the products. “Many people asked me how to buy the U-shaped pillow, the “Laiyilong” cups and “Rulaicibei”, said Liu Gang, associated professor of Design Institute of Jiangnan University and planner of the event.

Since launch of the event in August, the event sent letter of invitations to 100 high schools nationwide and received 800 design works. Members of appraisal committee of the event are also influential ones. Besides professors of design departments of key high schools, there are also national artists and experts of tourism products. On Nov. 15, the excellent works will be appraised and samples of the works will be showcased publicly.

During the appraisal, manufacturing difficulty of each design work is marked. Most of the candidate design works are easily to be made and the costs are low. “The tourists are sensitive to price when buying tourism products. In general, tourism products priced from RMB100 to RMB200 are easily to be accepted by tourists. Therefore, we require the design works to control the costs to the lowest level.”

Creating R&D Base of Tourism Products

After the event, the organizers will authorize related companies to make the award-winning works. Related activities will be organized after entry of these products into the market. Experts are agreed with such planning. “There are many stores selling innovative tourism products in Mianli and Kuanzhaixiang of Chengdu. In the future, more of such stores could be opened in Nanchangjie, Wuxi and Huishan.

According to Professor Liu, tourism products account for a large proportion in total consumption of tourism industry, and need participation of professionals. “High school is a good resource. In the future, the government, scenic spots and dealers of tourism products can cooperate with high schools frequently, and realize the seamless connection of related mayors with R&D of tourism products. The design competition of tourism products can be organized frequently, so as to change Wuxi into a national distribution place of tourism products and the design and R&D center of tourism products.