Wuxi Clay Figurines in the Eyes of Babies

On Oct. 19, the “Finding Beauty of Wuxi” Series of Activities – Wuxi Clay Figurines in the Eyes of Babies sponsored by Wuxi Tourism Bureau and jointly organized by in Wuxi, Huishan Clay Figurine Museum and Designwuxi.com was held at China Clay Figurine Museum in Huishan.

The children visited Huishan Clay Figurine Museum under the guidance of the interpreter, had detailed understandings on the development history and manufacturing technique of Huishan clay figurine, and watched the delicate clay figurines in the museum. After that, 20 families also made the clay figurines by themselves. Under the guidance of teachers and the assistant of parents, the children created imaginative works with clays.

Parents all said that such activity is good as it can improve craftwork ability of children, enable them to know traditional culture and enhance the relations with children. Staff of the museum also said that more wonderful activities will be organized during the “Finding Beauty of Wuxi” Series of Activities.