Yangshan Honey Peaches Available in Hong Kong and Macao

On July 28, the Sf-express transports the first 20000 honey peaches produced in Taoyuan Village, Wuxi, out of the mainland of China. According to Huang Wei, the manager of Wuxi Sf-express, people in Hong Kong and Macao will taste the peaches tomorrow.

Exported peaches use special package.

Peaches are transported in blue cartons with Refrigerated Delivery. As a staff member says, the cartons are customized. There are two types of carton, one containing 8 peaches and another 12 peaches, within which each two peaches packed in the longer and thicker plastic net are separated by a cardboard. Moreover, each net is tagged so that conditions of soil detection, pest control and prevention are available by scanning QR code. In the carton, there are also inspection certificate, product card and user guide. The inspection certificate proves that the product quality including soil, pesticide content and pest condition is qualified. The product card tells the variety of the peach, and the user guide is to teach you how to eat the peach. The refrigerator trucks carrying 50 cartons will depart this afternoon and arrive at the airport before dawn. It is possible that customers in Hong Kong will taste it tomorrow afternoon.

In the past, the storage time of peaches is short which makes it difficult to be transported and exported. This year, Wuxi Postal Administration, Customhouse, CIQ and Commercial Administration has joined together to deal with it. Wuxi Sf-express employs special package and cold-chain transportation to protect the quality of peaches. Now it is the first one qualified to transport peaches, and peaches of about 10 tons are exported to Hong Kong and Macao.

Cost of peach export is further reduced.

Yangshan honey peaches is also named Queen of Fruits. In Taoyuan village, there is the largest planting farm in Yangshan town with a planting area of almost 5000 mu. This year, EMS service is available in the village so that farmers are able to shop on line.

In April, an “E-commerce Village is founded jointly by Wuxi Sf-express and Taoyuan village. Sf service network station is established in the village, providing services including shopping guide, purchase agent, transportation and delivery. Since then, goods import and export is realized. Till now, peaches of almost 1000 tons have been transported to over 30 cities in China, and the income of express delivery business reaches 10 million yuan.

Since Wuxi is not a pilot city of cross-border export, B2C is not available, and peaches is delivered to customers via Hong Kong. Wuxi will make further effort to build a cross-border export e-commerce platform, which makes the transportation of agricultural products faster and cheaper.