Vote for “Real Wuxi Tastes”

Foodies, have you ever tried Huabo pork, kilned bread or Huayanqiao rice cake? Real Wuxi Tastes jointly launched by Wuxi government departments including Wuxi Commerce Bureau comes to an end. There are local food of 166 kinds, 12 categories (fruits, aquatic products, vegetables, mountain products, tea, animal products, fermentating food, edible mushrooms, snacks, cooked products, bean products, grain and oil), on the list, waiting for your vote to decide which are the real Wuxi tastes.

Old or new business is welcomed to apply as long as well-known products are presented. No matter how small the business is, its products also have the opportunity to be voted as long as they are sanitary. On the list, we find those familiar ones such as Yangshan peaches, Taihu bamboo, Taihu fish or Dafu waxberries, and unfamiliar ones as well such as Xue Taifeng or Xiaofulin. Some are never known to locals nowadays, such as Wufangli pastry, or kilned bread, etc.

It is said that since this collection activity starts in May, citizens are eager to vote. The list covers 93 businesses from every part of Wuxi. You can vote for your choice on line from now till August 31st. and experts give their judgement. Wuxi Best Specialities and Wuxi Special Products will be picked out according to the opinions of customers, experts and media.

Wuxi is proud of various specialities, among which some vanished because of urbanization. This event is aimed to discover and protect the local food.