Waxberry Products and Profits Decrease

According to the Bureau of Commodity Price, constant raining in the first half of the year results in great loss to fruit growers in Wuxi. Taking the waxberry growers in Dafu, Binhu District as an example, their incomes this year drop by about 60 percent.

In the forest zone of Mashan and Mountain water city, there is an area of over 6000 mu where waxberry trees grow. The latest statistics in the survey on the costs and profits of competitive agricultural products conducted by the Bureau of Commodity Price show that the yield of waxberry in Dafu decreases by almost 50 percent this year and net profits about 60 percent.

There are three major reasons: firstly, the temperature goes up and down dramatically in the flowering period which results in the shortened flowering period and fruiting rate down by over 30 percent; secondly, in the growing period low temperature and continuous rain lead to the slowdown of growing and smaller fruits; thirdly, in the picking period it has rained for 10 days which shortens the period and more than 15 percent of fruits fall.