Wuxi Specialties in E-commerce

With the development of net technology in the past two years, more people shop on line. The products sold on line include not only clothes and daily necessities, but also specialties of different places.

In 2015, the government puts forward an internet-involved strategy about economy development. As an important economic community in regions south of the Tangtze River, Wuxi boasts of various specialties including crabs in the Taihu Lake, Wuxi spicy ribs, Wuxi fried gluten puff, Dafu waxberry, Yixing teapots, Huishan clay figures and Wuxi juicy peach.

Considered from aspects of uniqueness of products, distribution, price, season and market demand, specialties can be conducted on line. Information dissymmetry brings about the congestion in external market of specialties.

Therefore insiders say that internet-involved marketing is the only way to develop the specialty industry in the future. On the e-commerce platform, producers and consumers communicate with each other directly, by which intermediate links are left out, costs of information searching and negotiation between two parties are largely reduced, and structural, seasonal and regional products redundancy due to information unavailability will be effectively avoided.