Press Conference of Smart Travel in Yixing & Pottery Life Experience Tour Succeed

In the afternoon of Oct. 19, the press conference of “Smart Travel in Yixing” and “Yixing Tour on LY and CTRIP” on Line & “Pottery Life” Experience Tour is convened in the 2nd meeting room in conference center of municipal government. 8 pottery life experience tour products are promoted and services of Personal Booking and Tour Manager are offered, by which the quality and comfort of tour in Yixing are highly improved.

As well-known OTA platforms, LY and CTRIP start their Yixing Tour flagship stores and issue the new “Pottery Life” and other tour products, which unveils the cooperation between Yixing Tour, IY and CTRIP.

Dozens of travel fans, amateur photographers or travel experts loving to share are invited to be the first tourists to experience the pottery life tour and awarded “Yixing Travel Passport” by Wang Zhongdong, the director of Yixing Bureau of Parks and woods.

At the end, Pottery Life Travel ceremony with thousands of people involved successfully concludes the conference which is a big event in the development of Yixing smart travel and a momentum for establishing a large travel pattern in Yixing and upgrading its tour industry.