“Buy in Jiangsu” Present Wuxi Specialties

The first 3-day “Buy in Jiangsu” trade fair presents tourist commodities in Nanjing Planning Exhibition Center, which is sponsored by Jiangsu Tourist Bureau and co-sponsored by Tourist Bureaus of 13 provincial cities in Jiangsu. The fair is divided into zones of Jiangsu Tourist Specialties, Tourist Commodities Comprehensive Exhibition, Jiangsu Folk Handcrafts Making Performance, Specialties Competition Exhibition, and Special Snacks & Agricultural Products Outdoor Zone.

Wuxi Tourist Bureau pays much attention to the trade fair and 10 tourist enterprises are invited including Yuqi Wine, Shangtian Ecological Garden, 18 Bay Farm, Xishan Rose Park, Yixing Fence Park, Ganhong Tea, Jiangyin Tourist Commodities Center. On the fair, the local specialties such as Wuxi wine, Taihu Rice, Yixing Lily, Steamed Black Rice, Rose Cake, Water-chestnut Crisp are extremely welcomed and the transaction amount is over 20000 yuan.

Additionally 9 pieces of work are chosen to attend the special tourist commodities competition and awarded 2 second prizes and 4 third prizes by experts. Mr. Zhao Jiangao, a senior artist and inheritor of Huishan clay figurines wins the prize for the best craft, and Wuxi Tourist Bureau is given the prize for the best organization.