Yixing Clay Teapots Be Designated Ones in G20 Summit

In the G20 Summit in Hangzhou just closed, Yixing clay teapot has attracted attention all over the world. During the conference, the teapot Oriental Beauty • Shining Star, designed by Wang Chengqiong, a senior craft artist in Yixing, is designated as the official exhibit displayed in banquet hall and tea break room for appreciation.

Credited as the best maker of Yixing clay teapot in China, Mr. Wang was chosen by Chinese Foreign Ministry, Commerce Department and China-ASEAN EXPO Committee in 2005 as the only one who made 31 teapots as the presents for other countries. In 2014, Wang Chengqiong and Fan Guoying were designated as the authenticators of clay teapots for Beijing APEC economic entity leaders.

According to Mr. Wang, from design till finish, he has been working for the teapots for over 200 days since he received the invitation from the preparatory group. Conforming to the theme of G20 Summit “Invigorated, Innovative, Interconnected and Inclusive”, his work was characterized by elements of Hangzhou and Jiangnan scenery.