First Hand-Making Experience Museum Opened in Wuxi

(from the network)

On Sep. 25, the first life and artistic experience museum started welcoming visitors in T12, Wuxi, showing the folk art and modern technology.As an intangible cultural heritage, the programs at the opening ceremony were characterized by traditional Chinese culture. The Heroine of the Yangs presented by Chinese shadow puppetry evoked hurrahs from the audience, children and adults.

It is said that the museum covering an area of over 3000 sq. km, aims to pass the cultural treasure from generation to generation. Its brand new operation pattern attracts parents and children. Apart from cloisonne, porcelain engraving, bandhnu, tea ceremony, oiled paper umbrella production, Chinese shadow puppetry, typography, papermaking, glass production, and cotton by-production, newly added Chi-pao making, woodworking, cooking, gardening, sculpture and leather production, Huishan clay figurine and Yixing pottery making enable visitors to know more about traditional Chinese culture.