Huishan Clay Figurine Won Top 3 at the Expo

The 4th Chinese Intangible Culture Heritage Expo hosted by the Ministry of Culture was closed in Jinan on Sep. 27 where Huishan clay figurine makers Gu Hui, Hua Tianhua and Hua Shuai respectively won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize through rounds of competition.

It is hosted every 2 years. Among 550 candidates who competed on tradition crafts this year, 60 entered the final. Minority maid by Gu Hui, Water Curtain Cave by Hua Tianhua and Figures of Peking Opera by Hua Shuai were picked out among all the works. In the round of impromptu test, Gu Hui presents a fairy, Hua Tianhua an old couple of sanitation workers who warm each other’s hands, and Hua Shuai a mother carrying her baby in her arms. The final result came out after comprehensive judgment.