Wuxi Tour Presents Unveiled

On February 25th, Jiang Yunjie, the director of Wuxi Tourist Administration, announced the startup of Wuxi Tour Presents, the first cultural and creative platform of city tour commodities in Qingmin Bridge community on Nanchang Street. Those presenting the event included relative officers and experts from Wuxi Tourist Administration, Liangxi Government, Wuxi Cultural and Tourism Group, Tourist Administrations of each county and the School of Design, Jiangnan University, and people in charge of Wuxi tourist scenic spots and well-known enterprises in cultural and creative industry, who joined together in beating the drum, symbolizing the initiation of the program.

Covering an area of almost 400 sq. m., Wuxi Tour Presents consists of zones of tourist commodities sale, makers’ works exhibition and communication, presenting almost 400 types of products of 16 categories sent by major tourist commodity enterprises and scenic spots, and 200 originally designed works of 12 categories, demonstrating the arts of Yixing clay, pearl clay figurines, fashionable silk works, artistic stationery, time-honored brands (intangible cultural heritages), village specialties, bamboo crafts, home-decorators, and independently designed works.

The platform provides an on-line opportunities for related enterprises, culture and creation fans and consumers to learn and purchase using the internet and mobile e-commerce. Besides, themed activities are going to be promoted such as cultural saloons, lectures given by intangible cultural heritage successors, parent-children experience activities and hand-making, etc.